Web and Phone Service

Web and Phone Service

Many hotels in Havana and other large Cuban cities offer Wi-Fi or Internet access (available for purchase by the hour) to their guests. Internet and Wi-Fi service, where available, will likely be much slower and more expensive than you’re accustomed to.

Your cell phone will likely not work as cell service is limited in Cuba — and very expensive. Cell phones are not available for tourists to buy or rent. However, some tourists bring their smartphones regardless, and then use the hotel’s Wi-Fi to check email or send text messages. You could even use What’s App and other voice apps over Wi-Fi to make phone calls.

Prepaid calling cards and Internet access cards are available from Cuba’s phone company, ETECSA. Most hotels sell these cards. They’re also available at the airport and other locations. To make a phone call to USA from Cuba, first dial 119 (Cuba’s international exit code), followed by 1 (USA’s country code), the area code, and the phone number.

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