Visiting Remedios

Visiting Remedios

A small, quiet town, Remedios is the oldest Spanish settlement in the former Las Villas province and is Cuba’s eighth oldest city. As such, you can expect to find plenty of historic buildings and hear stories of yesteryear during your time in Remedios. In fact, the city center of Remedios is a National Historic Monument where you’ll find several notable examples of 17th century architecture.

You won’t want to miss Iglesia Mayor of San Juan Bautista, a historic church with 13 decorative gold altars. This church once hid gold, practically in plain sight, from the pirates that used to pillage the island. The gold was covered by coats of white paint, obscuring it from detection.

Other memorable adventures include transportation via horse carts and bike taxis, and hearing stories of pirates and intrigue. If you travel to Cuba in December, you won’t want to miss Remedios’ Christmas festival, “Las Parrandas de Remedios” — one of Cuba’s oldest festivities, and one of its most popular. As with all of our people-to-people tours, we will introduce you to local Cubans who are passionate about sharing their cultural heritage.

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