Visiting Matanzas

Visiting Matanzas

Mantanzas, the city of bridges, is a delightful destination in Cuba. Matanzas is also known as the “Athens of Cuba” and the “Venice of Cuba” due to its abundance of poets, culture, piazas and parks, and bridges.

As beautiful and culturally rich as Matanzas is, the city gets its name from a grim event, a massacre involving the slaughter of 30 Spanish soldiers. Though the story behind its name is dark, the city today is vibrant and full of life.

Matanzas has a large Afro-Cuban culture, and an Afro-Cuban music scene to match. Meanwhile, its roots in the sugarcane industry remain evident with the Hershey Electric Railway, which originally transported sugar to Havana, still in operation today.

When you dream of an island vacation, white sandy beaches are probably the most vivid in your mind. Matanzas is home to one of the most gorgeous stretches of beach you’ll find: Varadero Beach. Varadero Beach is a must-see destination, and we’ll take you there.

As part of your tour, you will visit various sites and attractions, meeting the people of Matanzas and learn about their heritage.

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