Throughout our lives we have invaded the desire to travel to a country or city that we had never visited before, in order to discover new places and new tourist sites. For this reason many websites and travel companies offer tours to different countries, cities, towns and regions around the world.

In this opportunity the company called Cuba Tour Adventure offers us the possibility of visiting the exotic island of Cuba, to know its exotic places. Visit its museums, its historical sites, enjoy its gastronomy, know its culture, observe its architecture and visit the beautiful landscapes of the island of Cuba.

The company Cuba Tour Adventure allows all those who want to visit the Cuban island, to make a tour around the island at a small price of $ 1,995.00 per person

This price offers the opportunity to those who wish to visit the island, to visit the capital of the Cuban country, whose capital is Havana. The tour allows you to tour the capital, know its museums and historical sites, enjoy the food of Cuba, also offers you to travel through all the streets of Havana for tourists to know the traditions and Cuban music.

This company also offers the opportunity to travel to Santa Clara, this Cuban city will provide the experience to all tourists who make the tour of the paved streets of Cuba, enjoy their typical food, meet their people first-hand. In addition, each tour is guided by specialized personnel in Cuban history, in the same way our tour guides are trained to speak both Spanish and English so they can communicate with any tourist.

The Tour also covers other cities such as Remedios and Matanza, cities that are characterized by gastronomy and Cuban architecture. The whole tour is guided by professionals who will inform you every detail that happened in each street of the beautiful Cuban island. You can also enjoy the Cuban beaches in the town called El Varadero.

The Tour lasts 7 days and 6 nights, in which it will tour the city of Havana, the city of Remedios, the beautiful city of Santa Clara and also visit the city of Matanza. All beautiful Cuban cities. You can enjoy lunch and breakfast in the streets of Cuba. The tourists that hire the services of this tour will be able to enjoy Cuban music. In addition to that a ride on the old train of the Cuban island is included.

Other locations that include the tour are the beaches of Varadero, the squares, the Che Guevara mausoleum, the Moncada train, the museum and the old theater of the city of Remedios. Tourists can also enjoy cultural shows and a visit to the Cuban cigar factory.

The entire tour is aimed at tourists who know this exotic island and are eager to return to visit and continue to learn about the history of the beautiful and paradisiacal Cuban island.

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