About us

Cuba Tours Adventures is a part of Island Tripping, which is owned and operated by Julio Morales, an American citizen with Cuban roots. Born in New Jersey, and raised in Puerto Rico by his Cuban father and mother, Morales has a deep understanding of, and appreciation for American, Puerto Rican, and Cuban cultures.


As a hospitality and tourism professional in New York, Miami, and Puerto Rico for more than twenty years, Morales soon realized that Americans from all walks of life were drawn to Cuba — and not just to experience its beauty. The allure of Cuba is multi-faceted. For some, it’s all about uncovering their Cuban roots or learning about Cuban culture; for others, the mystique of Cuba beckons with its vintage cars, friendly people, rich history, and island vibe; others are drawn to Cuba for humanitarian or religious purposes. Alas, travel to Cuba has historically been off limits to all but a few select people.


With the warming of relations between the United States and Cuba, the opportunity to travel to the island nation is becoming more inclusive. Morales has worked with both the United States and Cuban governments to secure the appropriate contracts, licenses, and permits to operate people-to-people tours in Cuba. Island Tripping has earned a solid reputation for its safe, personalized trips to Puerto Rico and is now bringing that same record of excellence to its Cuba Tours Adventures. We are committed to booking safe, legal, and American-led Cuban tours in full cooperation with both the US and Cuban governments.


If you would like to safely and legally visit Cuba, get to know its people, and learn about Cuban culture, book your Cuban trip through Cuba Tours Adventures.


Cuba is an island stuck in time since 1959. As you step off the plane, you’ll soon experience a time shift where the American and Russian cars share the roads with horse carts, bicycles, and taxis. These classic old cars from the 1940s and 1950s are not museum pieces, though many are in excellent condition. They are everyday cars used to transport people and cargo around the island.
In Cuba, old buildings remain prominent fixtures, adding to the illusion of time travel. A journey through Old Havana, for example, is a journey through time with history on every corner.


Cuba is world famous for its rum and tobacco. Nothing compares to a Cuban cigar or clear Cuban rum. Not only can you sample these world-famous delights during your stay in Cuba, you can bring some home for personal consumption. The Obama administration has lifted limits on how much Cuban rum and cigars you can bring home. Note that you may only bring home Cuban rum and tobacco products for personal consumption and that your souvenirs will be subject to normal duty and tax exemptions.